thinXXS: Thank you for visiting us at AACC 2009 in Chicago!

thinXXS Microtechnology wants to thank you for visiting our stand at this years AACC show in Chicago.

The wrap-up is under way and one of my colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions before - just answer the email you got from us or join our website !


thinXXS Microtechnology develops, produces and distributes micro-structured components and systems made of plastics. We are an certified OEM supplier for companies in the fields of medical technology, life sciences and the commercial industry.

thinXXS offers:

Consulting, engineering and production of customized

If you are interested in visiting us at the BIOTECHNICA show (October 6-8, 2009 | Hannover, Deutsche Messe), please join our stand (hall 9, booth number G 22)!

thinXXS: hall 9, booth G 22

We look forward to seeing you at the show!


First of all you can download some information about us here:

::: company brochure :::
"thinXXS - Perfection in Plastics" (PDF/3,1 MB)

::: Lab-on-a-Chip :::
"Generic Cartridge Layout" (PDF)

::: Infoblatt :::
"SEEKGRID - Microscopy aid" (PDF)

::: Success Story :::
"Pelikan Sun - High precision device"

::: Success Story :::
"Sophion - Lab on Chip System" (PDF)

::: Success Story :::
"University Jena - Micropump" (PDF)

::: Case Study :::
"MicroBuilder" (PDF)

::: Case Study :::
"Customized slide" (PDF)

::: Application example :::
"Lab on Chip for blood diagnostics" (PDF)

::: Data Sheet :::
"Micropumps" (PDF)

::: Data Sheet :::
"Microfluidic Construction!Kit" (PDF)

Here you will find more information about:

>> Microfluidic systems

>> Micropumps

>> SEEKGRID - new microscopical aid!