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Lab-on-a-chip systems or single-use systems with microfluidic components are applied in a variety of areas. thinXXS is one of the leading suppliers of customized systems for applications in diagnostics and analytics including in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), Point -of- Care Testing (POC), and clinical laboratory analytics. We partner with clients from various fields within the life-sciences. Applications and techniques include:


There are immunological tests for many different purposes. All have in common that they make use of substances (e.g. Antibodies) which can bind specifically to the target substance or microorganism to be found in the sample.

A widely known type of this approach are rapid tests or “Lateral Flow Assays”. Rapid tests are easy to use and provide quick results. If more sensitivity and/or a more accurate quantification of the result is desired, more complex protocols are needed. Microfluidic Technologies help to manage this increased complexity to achieve the goal of a low cost and simple to use device.

thinXXS offers both development and manufacturing of cartridges for immunological assays. We help to realize such cartridge from scratch based on our client’s assay protocol.

Molecular Assays

An assay of this category typically comprises several complex steps (e.g. Isolation and purification of nucleic acids, PCR, detection). It is often conducted in a laboratory, not in the field.

The advantages in handling small sample volumes make lab-on-chip systems ideal for this application. Microfluidics can help making such assay more portable and user-friendly.

thinXXS’ solution portfolio includes several unit operations which are commonly required on integrated cartridges. We offer our client unique and proven solutions e.g. for storage of wet and dry reagents, for on-chip valving and liquid management.

Next Generation Sequencing

DNA sequencing is a powerful technology not only for fundamental research but also for diagnostic applications.
The ability of manipulating liquids at extremely small volumes makes microfluidics the ideal technology for this type of application. Especially droplet microfluidics is a popular approach which already found its way into commercial products.

Cell Based Assays

Cell based assays have become a powerful tool for drug discovery and high throughput screening. Such assays offer the potential of predicting the response of a drug on an organism. Among other things, the potential of precise and accurate fluid control and the unique flow properties and multiplexing capabilities make microfluidic systems extremely useful for such assays.

Besides the benefits of microfluidics for cell-based assays, miniaturization is useful for manipulating cells in general e.g. for capturing circulating tumor cells (CTC) or other rare cells.

Techniques and assay types are not only applied for human diagnostic. ThinXXS has become a trusted partner for clients dealing with

  • Veterinary Diagnostics,
  • Environmental Testing and
  • Food Testing
    as well.

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