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Hybrid Systems

thinXXS is specialized in hybrid systems, which normally combine several components made of different materials to accomodate complex requirements of multifunctional, microfluidic products.
Here we use technologies to condition and functionalize surfaces with wet-chemical and plasma methods, laser-, welding- and bonding-processes as well as intelligent concepts to integrate sensors and actuators.


About three quarters of the production costs for plastic microsystems are due to finishing and mounting processes as well as to connecting the miniscule devices to their macroscopic surroundings.

In this phase thinXXS relies on its extensive know-how in glueing, bonding, or welding to assemble, for example, medical, optical, mechanical, or microchemical components.

Other typical backend processes are the integration of gold or platinum microelectrodes on polymer surfaces, the systematic manipulation of surface properties like hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity, or the local coupling of functional groups as used in many life science applications.

The functionality of microfluidic products relies beside the size and tolerances of the micro features mainly on the surface properties due to the comparable large surface to volume ratio.

Precision assembly

 Microfluidic disposables are mounted plastic devices which may be extended with other elements like sensors, actors, microarrays, electronic control units and PCBs as well as mechanical, electrical and fluidical interfaces. 

All process steps are optimized for large scale production. That enables our customers to forecast the volume, time and costs of a production.

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Toolmaking and molding

We make the molding tools ourselves. The equipment we use for making micro molding tools belongs to some of the most precise machines worldwide. Three-dimensional architecture with dimensions of a few hundred nanometers up to a few millimeters is our standard.

The injection molding technology specially developed by thinXXS allows us to transfer the precision of the tools in an economic way to large quantities of plastic devices and products.

The technological platform of thinXXS comprises various procedures for microinjection molding. The polymers we use reflect the requirements of their products. They range from PP, PS, PMMA, COC or thermoplastic elastomers for biomedical applications, PBT, PE or POM for technical plastic components to PEEK, PEI and PPS for high performance components.

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