Customized Microfluidic Solutions

Microfluidics and microfabrication becomes increasingly important especially for companies in the biotechnology sector. THINXXS Microtechnology develops and produces disposable microfluidic devices from plastics for the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, analytical, and medical industries. We have already developed customer specific solutions for applications in immunology, clinical chemistry, DNA analytic or cell based research.


The reason we are sending you this e-mail is that we shall be exhibiting at the MD&M West in Anaheim, CA on February 9.-11. 2010. This could be a good opportunity to see for yourself how you could benefit from working with us.

We offer all phases of a typical product development: A detailed design, cost, risk and feasibility study, the design and manufacturing of unit functions, the verification of the function, and the  integration of function blocks into a monolithic and manufacturable design. We also offer manufacturing of tools, jigs and fixtures for small and large scale production as well as finishing, assembly and packaging of your product.

To make even more attractive to benefit from this exiting technology, we recently introduced a prototyping service based on the standard footprint of our Construction Kit Slide. We offer this service for a very attractive price. Of course, other formats are still possible. Based on our experience from numerous international projects we guarantee a fast and cost effective realization from the idea through engineering to manufacturing of your product.

As the deadline for the trade show is approaching please respond early. Our technical staff will stay in the area for another week after the show to schedule an appointment.