thinXXS Construction Kit

With our microfluidic Construction Kit you will significantly accelerate the development of your own Lab-on-a-Chip products. The modular concept and the basic platform technology allow

The Construction Kit's components are based on typical laboratory standards: the assembly platform has the size of a microplate, the modules that of a microscope slide. Up to four modules may be combined with each other in one such platform.

All slides are made of cyclo-olefin coplymer (COC), which combines good optical properties with biocompatibility and good chemical resistance to most acids and bases. A set of connectors is available which allows to connect standard tubes or typical laboratory tools such as pipettes or syringes to the fluid ports on top of the slide.

Plug & Play

The Construction Kit includes a platform to combine different slides, several SnakeMixer and MicroSplitter slides. A variety of connectors allow to flexibly interconnect the modules or to link them to outside equipment. The ensuing microfluidic system can now be tested and consecutively improved by replacing a given element by a better suited one.

Standard components:


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