Blister solution

Lab-on-a-chip and storage of liquid reagents

Storage of liquids on so called Lab-on-a-chip systems is of increasing importance. This is particularly true for reagents (e.g. proteins and enzymes), but also for water and common buffer solutions in general.  With the “on chip” storage fluids are not brought onto the chip from the outside (e.g. ,by manual or automated pipetting); liquids are stored directly on-chip in blister packs.

Blister packs and pouches have been used in other application areas in the past. However, using this storage concept for Point of Care applications brings its own typical challenges. Here, controlled release volume and release rate, along with air free filling of the blister packs are essential.


thinXXS Microtechnology AG, a leader in developing and production of microfluidic systems, offers its customers with the  “Blister-on-chip- Technology” the unique possibility of liquid storage directly on the microfluidic disposable. The coated aluminum blister packs can be adapted to customer requirements.  The standard volume range lies between 150 µL and 5 mL. The blister packs are connected to the fluidic network with very low dead volume and can be filled cooled or under oxygen free atmosphere if required.

Controlled release is achieved utilizing a proprietary technology. The blister may also be used to transport the liquid on the chip. In this case they act much like a syringe pump.




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