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MicroBUILDER (>>)

An integrated modular service for microfluidics and mixed technologies.

The goal of microBUILDER is to increase the commercial success and competitiveness of European industry by facilitating the introduction of new microtechnology to key components in products. microBUILDER provides industry with a simple and cost-effective access to mixed technology development and manufacturing and supports customers from the first idea to a final product. SMEs, but also academic research groups, are the target user group.

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MicroBuilder Partner:



Technology Partner

IMM - Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz (>>) 
(IMM - Institute for Microtechnology Mainz)

As a partner for industrial companies and research institutions, we concentrate our activities on developing microdevices and systems for our customer's specific needs. Benefiting from this are companies from the fields of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, personal care, food industries, energy production, biotechnology, analytics, diagnostics, medical technology and sensor development. Our interdisciplinary teams of experts work out innovative solutions in close co-operation with the customer in order to open up market opportunities and new areas of business for them.

thinXXS Microtechnology AG is a IMM spin-off.



Marketing Partners

ScienceDocs - Scientific Translation and Editing (>>)

ScienceDocs is the only comprehensive scientific and medical research support service company in the world. The group consists of PhD-level biostatisticians and epidemiologists as well as expert scientific translators and editors -- some of the very best in the field today. The services include scientific and medical document editing, study design consultation, data analysis, language translation, GIS mapping, and inferential statistics programming. Clients of ScienceDocs can be found at all levels of academics, private industry and government, and include researchers, students and clinicians.



IVAM - Fachverband für Mikrotechnik (>>) 
(IVAM - A Microtechnology Association)

IVAM is an international association of companies and institutes in the field of microtechnology.

IVAM is the communicative bridge between suppliers and users of microtechnology products and services. At present more than 180 companies and institutes from nine European countries, Korea, Japan and the United States are IVAM members. IVAM brings innovations to market and create competitive advantages via technology marketing. They work international markets and provide worldwide networking. And they provide lobbying services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the high-tech sector.

thinXXS Microtechnology AG is an IVAM member.




Topas Advanced Polymers (>>)

TOPAS Advanced Polymers manufactures and markets TOPAS® COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) for advanced packaging, medical, optical and other applications worldwide. It also supplies Crystal Dew® COC, wich adds decorative highlights to many settings, and the chemical raw material norbornene.

The company is a joint venture of Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd., and Polyplastics Co., Ltd. It is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and has a U.S. subsidiary in Florence, Ky. It operates a 30.000-metric tonnes/year COC plant, the world's largest, in Oberhausen, Germany. It employs about 100 people working in research and development, marketing and sales production and administration. It was launched January 1, 2006 following the purchase of the TOPAS business from Ticona, a subsidiary of Celanese Corporation.

TOPAS COC was developed in the early 1990s by Hoechst AG. Hoechst created a new COC proves in which norbornene is synthesized from dicyclopentadiene and ethylene. A second step copolymerises norbornene with ethylene over metallocene catalysts to generate cyclic olefin copolymer generated.