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Technology leadership

Microstructured devices made of plastics and their finishing are the basis of our developments. Therefore we put our focus primarily on the extreme precision of the devices.

For example, an ordinary human hair measures about 100 micrometers in diameter. This injection-molded functional structures and channels, put into practice by thinXXS, can achieve extremely small dimensions up to 1/1000 of this hair diameter. We manage to precisely mold objects with structures of a few micrometers to a few hundred nanometers. Coating and bonding is realized with the exclusive know-how of thinXXS.

Unique, proprietary know-how in


thinXXS applies production technology which combines elements of precision plastics technology with methods from microelectronics and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS).

This enables us to develop and to efficiently and reproducibly fabricate high precision products.