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Trinean: Microplate "DropPlate"

Analysis of microliter droplets of DNA, RNA, protein or small compounds

Trinean develops and produces nanoliter spectrophotometers and consumables for the research and scientific market. Trinean's unique polychromatic microplate reader combined with microfluidic microplates helps scientists around the globe to save time and money on costly samples and reagents while gaining in accuracy, all of which are important commodities for biotech applications.


Trinean's first product is the DropSense96®, a multichannel spectrophotometer combined with disposable microfluidic microplates  (DropPlate®16 and DropPlate96®), suitable for quick & precise spectral analysis of microliter droplets of DNA, RNA, protein or small compounds. Patents held by Trinean cover both microfluidic structures and multi-channelspectrometry for microliter sample handling.

The Trinean DropPlate16 and 96 disposable were designed for use with the DropSense96. A single DropPlate 16 strip contains 16 input reservoirs for sample storage and fixed dual pathlength measurement structures. For high-throughput testing or testing in an automated workflow, the DropPlate 96 has been developed and provides 96 microfluidic structures per plate with dimensions identical to those of a standard 96-well plate (SBS standard), assuring compatibility with liquid handling robots.

For manual use, 1 to 6 DropPlates can be clicked upon a frame creating a flexible set-up for the measurement of 1 to 96 samples simultaneously. Moreover, the DropPlates can be reused until all input reservoirs have been filled.

thinXXS Microtechnology AG is the manufacturer of Trinean DropPlates. thinXXS realized important features like e.g. surface treatment of the channels as well as the assembling.

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