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thinXXS - Mikrotechnologie
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Toolmaking and molding

We make the molding tools ourselves. The equipment we use for making micro molding tools belongs to some of the most precise machines worldwide. Three-dimensional architecture with dimensions of a few hundred nanometers up to a few millimeters is our standard.

The injection molding technology specially developed by thinXXS allows us to transfer the precision of the tools in an economic way to large quantities of plastic devices and products.

The technological platform of thinXXS comprises various procedures for microinjection molding, embossing, and vacuum casting. The polymers we use reflect the requirements of their products. They range from PP, PS, PMMA, COC or thermoplastic elastomers for biomedical applications, PBT, PE or POM for technical plastic components to PEEK, PEI and PPS for high performance components.

For this, the integration of toolmaking, materials science, metrology and assembling is essential.


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